Ditch the Wipes: Why Makeup Wipes are Bad for Your Skin

Makeup wipes are a quick and cheap substitute to cleansing. They’re convenient for when you’re in a rush, but we don’t recommend using them as your regular makeup remover. Using face wipes daily as part of your skincare routine is actually really bad for the skin and below we tell you why…

Makeup Wipes Can Cause Breakouts

Although it may look like you’ve got rid of all the makeup and dirt. Makeup wipes are not actually capable of removing the impurities that are deep within your pores. They simply remove the surface makeup you can see with the naked eye. If you don’t rinse your face after using these wipes, residue from your makeup, grime from the day and also the chemicals from the face wipes themselves will remain on the skin. What’s more, most makeup wipes contain moisturising oils. While these might sound good they are actually far too heavy for the skin, and if not rinsed off properly, they can clog your pores resulting in unexpected breakouts.

They’re Too Harsh

The motion of having to rub your skin to remove makeup and dirt can be an irritant for your skin. Intense rubbing to remove makeup can damage the skin’s elasticity and thus lead to premature signs of ageing, especially around your delicate eye area!

Makeup wipes have a high level of detergent chemicals and preservatives as a moist pack of wipes is an ideal place for bacteria to breed. However, these harsh chemicals can irritate your skin causing redness, dryness and in some cases an allergic reaction. Many dermatologists and skincare experts advise not to use facial wipes, especially for those with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne.

It’ll Make the Rest of Your Skincare Routine Ineffective

Using a makeup wipe to cleanse your face, means that the carefully selected serums, moisturisers and sunscreens that you’ve bought won’t actually benefit your skin. The products won’t be able to penetrate the skin, as it likely still has a layer of grime and chemicals to get through first!

Makeup wipes may seem like the quick and easy solution but they actually do more harm than good. So just make that extra bit of effort with your makeup removal and skincare routine for radiant skin.

What Should You Use?

Rubbing harshly at your eyes with a makeup wipe is a complete skin sin. You’ll need a gentle eye makeup cleanser, that effectively removes your eye makeup without being unnecessarily harsh on the skin. Then find the ideal facial cleanser for your skin type, to cleanse your skin of any remaining makeup, grime and bacteria.

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